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Work package for University For Industry  (Learn Direct)
-          in the light of an analysis done by the e-Sape project of the problems facing young people in terms of access to jobs in Corsica, UFI will contribute to a strategy relating to training opportunities based on the experience of UFI and UFI learners in the UK
-          UFI will share experience and best practice relating to how ICT is best used to reduce barriers to learning for learners
-          UFI will provide evidence of the motivational factors required to engage young people with pathways to learning, using both ICT and blended-learning solutions
-          To consider the financial dimensions and drivers affecting and influencing learning and development decisions by young people and other generational groups
-          To work with other partners in the project to shape course content and packages most likely to have quick, but sustainable impact for individual learners, learners as entrepreneurs,  and employers

Work package for les Compagnons du Devoir (CDD)
-          to provide information, advice and recommendations to the project in respect of the experience of the CDD in providing apprenticeships within the special context of the CDD structure,  mobility scheme, and ethos
-          to examine and make proposals on how the project might provide mutual opportunities to the CDD within the context of the Corsican economy and society
-          to assist the project in terms of creating a framework for young people to develop their own enterprises often by returning to their villages and areas of birth
-    to consider how ICT can be developed as a useful tool to assist personal, professional
     and societal development within the context of apprenticeships and training in
-          to share with the project the role and function of mobility  for apprentice-journeymen
as developed by the CDD Tour de France for example
- to provide experiences and examples of the European and international work of the CDD which may be of value to the project, and to Corsica
-          to scope opportunities on how the project could help develop the work of the CDD in Corsica within the context of the Mediterranean area and its growing opportunities

Work package of  the University of Highlands and Islands
-          given its background in developing and delivering learning opportunities using ICT and blended learning solutions in its territory, UHI will provide the basis for an exchange of experience and best practice with the e-Sape project
-          to share experiences relating also to the special cultural and linguistic determinants for learners as experienced in the UHI areas which may be relevant to the outcomes of the e-Sape project in Corsica
-          given the use made by UFI of ESF funding, to share with the project the aspects of sustainability to be built into the project both for the duration of the project and its sustainability after the project ends
-          to collaborate also with other partners in the e-Sape project, including the Compagnons du Devoir, in respect of providing paths to learning and professional development for young people, apprentices, and those experiencing difficulties in accessing learning opportunities, due to societal, economic and geographical barriers
-          to contribute to the overall strategy and outcomes of the project, taking part in events and developmental opportunities arising
-          to provide insights, information and advice on how e-Sape can learn from the UHI experience, relating also to the balance between educational provision, professional development, and research.

Work Package for University of Newcastle (DOVE LABORATORY) :
-          to provide the project (e-Sape) with information, advice, guidance and examples relating to how the project might also help the early development of the marine biotechnology centre at Stella Mare, nr Bastia, Corsica
-          to provide for the exchange of good practice in terms of scoping areas of work which the Stella Mare centre might focus on which complements other work being carried out in a European context
-          to make proposals on how ICT and eLearning can create a virtual bridge for the transfer and creation of learning and research for the centre, drawing on experiences gained by Prof Burgess in Japan, Scotland, and latterly in Newcastle, at both the Dove Marine Laboratory and within the University itself
-          to give advice on the type of courses, research areas, and collaborative projects (eg FP7) of benefit to the new centre
-          to develop proposals and deliverables within the e-Sape project which indicate how the project can also lay the basis for a research-led initiative (the Stella Mare Lab) which draws on results from the overall project, in particular in respect of building up a new source of employment, training and scientific research of value to the University of Corsica, the island as a whole, and its position within the Mediterranean at this time of change and opportunity

Work package for the Higher School of Economics University of Budapest

Tasks: provide additional training for entrepreneurs of very small enterprises in Corsica. The courses will be provided on line together with tutoring. The contents are those of the Higher School OF Economics of the University of Budapest. Attendance will 
result in a certificate of attendance in online courses.

Time course: September 2012 to October 2013. A first mission will take place in June 2012 for chosing and implemeting relevant courses. An adaptation to local needs will be provided. Another mission will take place in April 2013 to evaluate the on-line tutoring. Meanwhile, video conferences will review the training and adapt it according to the difficulties of the trainers. Courses will start in September 2012. 





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